MAB Clients

Public Interest Entities

Public Accountants and Auditors Act (2013) mandates the Malawi Accountants Board (MAB) to perform reviews of Financial Statements and financial reports of Public Interest Entities in Malawi.

According to section 16(q) of the regulations, a public interest entity is defined as (a) An entity that is of significant public interest because its business, size, number of employees, or corporate status is such that it has a wide range of stakeholders; and (b) Includes but is not limited to the following credit institutions, insurance companies, banks, investment firms, pension firms, parastatals, and listed companies.

This function of the Board is priced based on 10% of most recent audit fees, however with the lower cap and upper cap payable to the Malawi Accountants Board. This is however subject to change as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.