Empowering minds at Chisitu


Building A Healthier Community

The Malawi Accountants Board recently visited Chisitu Primary School in Mulanje, bringing a message of empowerment and health. We engaged with the students in a meaningful conversation about mental health and HIV awareness.
Our team emphasized the importance of mental well-being, fostering open discussions to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. Through interactive sessions, we encouraged the students to prioritize their mental health, recognizing its equal significance alongside physical health.
In line with our commitment to community well-being, we conducted an HIV awareness campaign, equipping the students with knowledge to make informed choices. We extend our gratitude to Chisitu Primary School for the warm reception and active participation, showcasing the power of collaboration in building a healthier, more informed community.
Catch the glimpses of our engaging sessions and the vibrant energy of the Chisitu Primary School students.
Thank you, Chisitu, for allowing us to share knowledge, learn, and grow together. Together, we're making a positive impact!