Our Vision.

To be a globally respected and recognized accountancy regulatory body known for its relevance and impact in shaping the future of the profession.

Our Mission.

To regulate and advance the accountancy profession to ensure international competitiveness, promote sustainable practices, accountability and good governance to its members and society.

Our Objectives.

  • To promote high quality reporting of financial and non-financial information by entities
  • To promote the highest professional standards among auditors and accountants
  • To enhance the credibility of financial reporting
  • To improve the integrity, competence and transparency of professional activities in accounting and auditing

Core Values


We shall ensure strong and strategic collaborations with our stakeholders in the implementation of the strategic plan.


The Board shall be accountable to the public in ensuring observance of public interests through promotion of international accounting standards.


The Board shall adopt an open-door policy in all its dealing and accept constructive contributions for effective and efficient service delivery.


The Board shall remain and maintain its relevance as a regulator of the accounting profession in Malawi.


The Board shall exercise its duties and functions within the legal framework and uphold the trust of the public whose interests in the accounting profession are enormous.


The Board shall at all times provide technical advice and quality services with impartiality, undivided attention and respect of rule of law.

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