List of registered accountants and Auditors Firms


 The Malawi Accountants Board would like to advise the general public that any person who is not duly qualified and registered with the Board is not allowed to practice as a public accountant or auditor or to hold themselves out as such.  Any statutory accounts or reports prepared by any such persons will be of no value.

The Board also cautions all unregistered persons purporting to act as public accountants or auditors and advertising or in any other way holding themselves out as public accountants and auditors qualified to prepare and/or audit statutory accounts, that they are acting in breach of the law and that should they at any time seek registration with the Board, their current conduct will be taken into account in considering their integrity and suitability for registration as public accountants.  The Board reserves the right to take any other action against persons violating the provisions of the Public Accountants and Auditors Act.

The Malawi Accountants Board is further informing the general public that the following is the list of registered accountants and auditors in public practice:


No. Name of registeredAccountant/Auditor  Name of Firm Address
1 Adam C I Adam & Company Box 40098, BT 4
2 Banda CMC Graham Carr Box 898, LL
3 Beza V Deloitte Box 30364, LL 3
4 Carpenter K PWC Box 1147, BT
5 Chaula B Chaula & Associates Box 2685, BT
6 Chihana C (Mrs) N/A Presscane, Box 236, CK
7 Chihana CC EY Box 530, BT
8 Chikoko-Nkhoma J 21st Century Consulting Post Dot Net E422, BT
9 Chilemba O EMJ Advisory Box 31182, LL 3
10 Chingwanda A Peter Giles & Wallace Box 663, BT
11 Chioko AA CS Associates Box 2082, BT
12 Gondwe FC (Dr) AMG Global Box 30440, LL 3
13 Gondwe JCR KPMG Box 508, BT
14 Harawa R (Dr) AMG Global Box 2051, BT
15 Hooley TG EY Box 530, BT
16 Jimu PJM Bhagya & Shankar Box 3028, BT
17 Kalanda AAH Aleksandr Consulting Box 1424, LL
18 Kaluluma LR Bhagya & Shankar Box 3028, BT
19 Kamange P KCC Finance Associates Box 31609, LL 3
20 Kamoto F N/A SFFRFM, Box 2505, BT
21 Kamphasa SDL National Audit Office Box 30045, LL 3
22 Kapenda C Deloittee Box 30364, LL 3
23 Katandula L N/A Illovo, P/Bag 580, BT
24 Kayira IG Audit Consult International Box 1406, BT
25 Kondwani L PWC Box 1147, BT
26 Lindani JJ Simeon & Mathews Post Dot Net E78, BT
27 Lorgat H Lorgat & Kumar Box 625, LL
28 Makaya M BDO Box 3038, BT
29 Makda ME Mak Grant & Company (MGC) Box 870, LL
30 Mason JB MMK International Box 950, BT
31 Matitha-Gama L KPMG Box 508, BT
32 Mbene R PWC Box 1147, BT
33 Melrose JS Deloitte Box 187, BT
34 Mhango CL Mwenelupembe, Mhango & Co Box 1782, BT
35 Mhango DEZ Audit Consult International Box 31033, LL 3
36 Msukwa LW Mwenelupembe, Mhango & Co Box 1782, BT
37 Mwapasa E (Ms) N/A ICAM, Box 1, BT
38 Mwenelupembe BJ KPMG Box 30453, LL 3
39 Mwenelupembe M (Mrs) Deloitte Box 187, BT
40 Mwenelupembe WB Mwenelupembe, Mhango & Co Box 30808, LL 3
41 Namalomba SJ Johnson & Wilson Box 31548, BT 3
42 Nangantani J AMG Global Box 2051, BT
43 Nangantani M N/A MASM, Box 1254, BT
44 Ndovi J Audit Plus Box 3116, BT 3
45 Ngalande M PWC Box 30397, LL 3
46 Ngwira D (Mrs) Graham Carr Box 1411, BT
47 Nyirenda HB KPMG Box 508, BT
48 Nyondo A AMG Global Box 2051, BT
49 Omar NMH (Ms) Acumen Business Consultants Box 5068, Limbe
50 Padmakumar KN Kumar & Associates Box 31129, LL 3
51 Shankar B (Mrs) Bhagya & Shankar Box 3028, BT
52 Shankar TR Bhagya & Shankar Box 3028, BT
53 Sosola M Kingdom Associates Box 2919, BT
54 Tembo G KPMG Box 508, BT
55 Uka NT Deloitte Box 187, BT
56 Yusuf SMF EY Box 530, BT

Not Resident in Malawi

57 Yuill V (Ms) C/o KPMG Box 508, BT

Any person whose name does not appear on the above list is not so registered in terms of Section 26 of the Public Accountants and Auditors Act and is therefore, not allowed to practice as a public accountant or auditor or to hold themselves out as such.

Practising without registration with the Malawi Accountants Board is an offence and is punishable by law in accordance with Section 26 of the Public Accountants and Auditors Act, 2012.